AGS Health’s underpayment analysis and recovery services.

AGS Health’s underpayment analysis and recovery services.

It’s estimated that 3-7% of insurance claims are underpaid.

Why? A few of the main reasons include:

  • Payors pricing claims using incorrect contract terms
  • Payors calculating the allowed amount incorrectly and providers not immediately identifying the incorrect amount

  • Contract terms being interpreted differently by payor and provider

AGS’ underpayment analysis and recovery services will help you understand how and why you’re losing valuable revenue from underpaid claims.

In addition to recovered revenue, providers often see a rise in patient satisfaction scores, as patients often get caught in the middle of a messy, seemingly-endless claims adjudication process.

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, healthcare networks cannot afford to frustrate, confuse or lose patients due to administrative complexities.


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